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Urostomy with Acidic Urine 

Typically people who have acidic urine do well with a urostomy since it controls how much bacteria is there, and reducing urinary infections. When you have acidic urine, it does reduce the amount of salt crystals that are in the stoma, and also will prevent irritations and rashes in the peristomal skin. This is a good way to help reduce chances for crystal formation, and it can be good for someone. However, any changes in the composition of your urine may indicate a change in your metabolic state and the condition of the disease, so using this may help you figure out how to properly manage your metabolism with this. 

Urostomy Urine to the Bag 
  • So as we know, it’s basically a surgery to help get urine out, and typically a bit of the bowel is used as a conduit, usually your ilium.  In general, after this, you use stents so that anastomosis doesn’t happen in your ureter and your bowel either. 
  • The ileal conduits are really good for urostomy, since this allows for the ureters to come to the surface, and typically it can help prevent stenosis of the ureter areas. 
  • Urostomies are almost always an end stoma, so a permanent action, and typically they use a bung or a drainable bag to help with this. 
  • Because a bit of the bowel is used to create your urostomy, usually the urine will also have some mucus in there. 
  • In general, your urine is a little bit acidic, being anywhere from 6-7.5 on the pH scale.  But if you want it to be a little bit more acidic, you should try to get it lower. 
  • You don’t want it anywhere past 8.5 or even 9 because this means that there is an organism in there that causes UTIS in this area, and even those who are asymptomatic may experience high pH, and that does mean UTI, regardless of the results from a urine test.  You don’t want it to be too alkaline either, since this does create kidney stones, which are very painful, especially after a urostomy. 
How to Change the PH

How do you change the pH of your urine? Well, if you want to change this, you need to look at your health. Typically, there is a diurnal variation between your pH decreasing at night, and then early in the day, and then the pH increase as you wake up.  Usually, after you eat, the urine becomes a lot more acidic, and that’s typically known as alkaline tide. Between meals, this goes down. A good way to create more acidic urine is to have a diet high in protein. So try to eat proteins that aren’t too fibrous for best results. 

If you eat a vegetarian diet, this can cause a much higher pH, which isn’t good, simply because there is a bicarbonate function that comes from these fruits and veggies. But, we can lower the pH of your urine through drinking fluids. Water of course is good, but I suggest eating and consuming more cranberries, and having a lot more cranberry and grape juices. That’s because the tannins inside of this will flush out your bacteria before it gets on the kidneys and the bladder, preventing UTIs and the like. With this, it’s important to get into the habit of working on making sure that you do test your urine ph. Otherwise, it can affect the state of things, so make sure that you learn to test for this, and if the ph. is too high, immediately work to alter it before it’s too late.

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