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When do You Need to Use Stoma Paste 

Stoma leakage happens because wafers aren’t fully adhering to your stoma. In that case, you might want to do the stoma paste. But what is it? It’s essentially a skin barrier kind of material that comes in a tube package. This will fill in the different indentations in order to properly protect your skin at the edge of the openings of your pouch or barrier. Stoma paste basically fills in those areas where the skin is rough, any scars and problems, or other parts that’ll cause leakage. 

Why Stop Leakage 
  • Leakage is really bad for stoma patients. 
  • For starters, it’s a bit embarrassing, making you less confident in the equipment that you have, and the possibility of it not leaking in the future. 
  • Typically, the volume isn’t not that much, but it still can leave room for irritation, infection, and the like, and you should definitely make sure that you try to prevent it. 
  • While you probably will notice when the bag is too heavy through how heavy it is on the equipment, the seal that’s on there and on your body can drag this down, reducing the effectiveness, making it very uncomfortable for you. 
  • It’s not adhesive in a sense, but basically seals this to prevent any liquids that come out of there. 
  • It’s something that can cause a lot of social and psychological problems for a lot of ostomates, since poor fitting of this and issues with your skin contours typically happen. 
  • In general, this helps prevent any problems, and offers a chance for the defects to be a bit less obvious, while also reducing the leaks and improving the adhesion of the appliance to your stoma. 
So Why Use It? 
  • We discussed already that it’s good for preventing drainage and leakage, but also it can help with those skin problems and allow for your bag to work well. 
  • The paste also protects the skin too from invaders, while also reducing drainage, and also will stop peristalsis from happening to your stoma opening. 
  • You also will want to make sure that you use this too when you’re changing from a shower or the tub, since the stool can irritate your skin, and the fecal bacteria may colonize and increase the infection. 
  • You of course can change this whenever you’re comfortable and use this, but you should try to do this before a meal, since this does create peristalsis avoidance and also reduces evacuation whenever there is a change. 
  • Usually, you typically can get these in strips or a squeezable pouch, and you typically just read and follow the instructions, and make sure to apply it directly onto the wafer, or onto the external parts of the stoma. 
  • You then dry it for the period of time that’s needed, and then put the appliance on. 
Any Adverse Effects? 
  • Typically, you don’t’ have problems unless there is a chance that you’re allergic to what’s inside. But there are alcohol-free ones that won’t be invasive to the skin, and you don’t have to get one with glycerol on there too. 
  • Sometimes it can cause swelling, and may create a bit of pressure and a little bit of pain.
  • The biggest thing, is to make sure you don’t put a bit too much on there, since it may create a problem, since it does potentially become a problem if it gets lodged into your stoma.

But overall, it’s very simple and effective to use. Just use the product as intended, and then there you go, a stoma that holds the pouch and stays together. 

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