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All About Two-Piece Ostomy Bags

An ostomy bag with two pieces is one of the most common types of appliances, with the other being the one-piece option for bags. The difference between both of these though is how it attaches. Usually, the part that does attach to your peristomal skin is a big part of this. In one-piece bags, the base skin barrier, a flange which is the wafer, and of course, the bag itself, are all attached together. In contrast, the two-piece is the detachable part to this. 

The one-piece type of system also has your pouch and skin barrier put together as one particular unit. The two piece is a solid barrier wafer, with the adhesives on the side, and then a flange at the top where you put the pouch. This can be changed as well without messing with the seal, so you can wear a smaller pouch for some activities as an alternative to those with “normal” sorts of wear times. The shorter pouch also can be taken off and replaced as well. 

You also can remove your bag, empty it out, and then replace it without needing a wafer too. That’s something a lot of people like, since it requires less changes and such. You typically don’t have to change the faceplate every day, but can be done up to 5 days, except in the case of colostomies since they do need to be changed a bit more frequently. This type of appliance is kind of almost like a Tupperware sort of style that offers security and a much better sensation when it’s put together, and it gives them a peace of mind. 

How to Do This? 

The changes do vary based on the type of pouching system, especially the stoma, the drainage, the body shape of this, your activity levels, the moisture of the skin, and just what you prefer too. But, the whole appliance can go up to a week without changing. 

The process is simple. First you take off that skin barrier gently so that it doesn’t traumatize the skin. Put some warm water on there to help with this, and then take the adhesive remover and put it on there only if the adhesive sticks around after removal. From there, you gently wash your peristomal skin with a washcloth, water, and then lightly pat dry with paper towels. From there, you want to gently take care of it, since it can be traumatized without you even realizing it. Once that’s done, apply your skin sealant, and then apply the pouch once more, and then, once you hear the click, it’s done. 

So what’s so good about a two-piece system? Well it does the following: 

  • You can remove this without the skin barrier being detached, so you don’t’ have to worry about inflammation, irritation, and even infection that you might expect with a one-piece system. 
  • You don’t need to worry as much about damaging the skin 
  • It is easier to get rid of, since you don’t’ have to get rid of everything every single change 
  • You can use different bags for each type 
  • You can rotate the bag, something that not every system uses 
  • The stoma is much easier to see to replace 
  • You can use pouch liners with this 
  • It is good if you’re not very dexterous and have vision problems 
  • It’s easier for travel 

Probably the biggest disadvantage is that it is a bit bigger and bulkier, which may be a problem for those looking for discreet options, but otherwise it’s good. 

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